Baby Naming and Blessing​

A blessing or naming ceremony is an opportunity for all who are special in a child’s life to gather together in gratitude for the gift of their being, and to welcome them into their hearts and lives. It is a time to offer blessings, support, commitment and love to the baby.

It is also a unique opportunity to acknowledge and bless all those who care for them, guide them and journey alongside them.

I am able to work with you to create a uniquely personal and tailor made ceremony to honors and mark the wonder of this new life, to be held anywhere you choose.

Blessing of Children and Families​

Sometimes families may wish to take the opportunity of a new baby’s arrival to also offer blessings to older siblings, which weaves together a beautiful thread of light and love through the family.

Such a ceremony can also be a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child into a family or indeed to celebrate the joining of two families into one. This can create a real sense of belonging, and can be a very meaningful occasion – whatever the age of the children. Older children can play an active part in the ceremony which can make it an especially personal and memorable time.