A very warm welcome to you.

And thank you for finding your way to my website.

Whatever it is that has brought you here, I hope that in the following pages you will find something that speaks to that inquiry.

Perhaps you are seeking a nonsectarian celebrant for a wedding, for a baby or family blessing, for a funeral or other important life event.

Perhaps you have recently lost someone close to you, or maybe coming to terms with a life that is ending.

Or perhaps you are searching for someone to support or accompany you as you explore your own personal spiritual journey.

That’s why I’m here …

How I Can Help

As an ordained Interspiritual Minister, I can serve your needs in ceremonies and offer spiritual companionship and counseling, to and for people of all faiths and belief systems, or none.

Whether you consider yourself to be spiritual but not religious, spiritually independent, or have a faith but not necessarily one associated with a specific tradition or denomination, or whether you just don’t know but feel that there must be “something more”, I can help create and deliver for you sensitive, meaning-filled and highly personalized ceremonies to mark any significant life event.

And I can accompany you as you navigate particularly challenging times in your life, offering  a safe, supported, non-judgmental space to explore, discover, unfold, and heal.

Dear wanderers on the path, the intention of this website is to offer meaningful life-event services to ALL persons regardless of gender, age, ethnic, religious, spiritual, or wondering background. Please feel free to send me feedback anytime. I love to hear from you. Let us wander the path together and encounter, discover, and create lives full of meaning and meaning full of love. May peace fill your life so that love will overflow, Robert


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