Death and loss can be a long and lonely journey. Sometimes you need someone to travel it with you.

It is my great privilege to be able to accompany people approaching death and anyone facing loss or suffering in bereavement.

My own personal experiences revealed how in this situation many warmly welcomed the chance to speak the unspeakable; to give voice to the fear but also to comfort, love, faith and trust.  Or simply to have someone sit with them in silence as they contemplate, wonder, fear, cry, pray.

And for the loved ones of those approaching death – standing bravely by the bedside day after day and making their lonely journeys home with their own thoughts, fears and prayers. I commit to be there for them too in whatever ways I can through companionship, counseling, ritual and ceremony, before, during and after loss.

Spiritual Companionship and Counselling

In today’s world, the search for meaning and purpose can be heartfelt and urgent: the desire for life as it was meant to be.

I am here for people who are seeking support or companionship in their exploration of spirituality, faith, tradition, belief system, or simply have that sense that there is more to this experience of being human. As a companion for the journey, I can encourage and support you in deepening your spiritual connection.

But it is so easy to get lost in the quest for self improvement and “fixing” – anything and everything about ourselves, with the promise that if we can only do that, all will be perfect.

Spiritual Counselling is not about fixing anything or anyone. As a therapeutic practice, it is built on the belief that being more centered in who we truly are provides a way to see beyond our stories and false self perceptions; transforming obstacles and providing the clarity needed to navigate through the difficulties of everyday living. Often there follows a sense of deeper awakening, of greater peace, of connectedness, of meaning and of wholeness.

The model supports the belief that we all possess the inherent wisdom to explore and answer these enquiries and that we only need to go within and ask to find that wisdom.

As a qualified practitioner, I can provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for you to explore whatever it is that is calling for attention. Through attentive and compassionate listening, observance of sacred silence and open-ness to inspiration, I can accompany you as you look underneath the stories and old wounds to come to a deeper experience of your own wholeness and healing.

Your personal spiritual tradition or practice is always fully honoured in this work.

I am able to support you in face to face, via telephone or via Skype counselling sessions and am very happy to have an exploratory discussion free of charge to explore whether this service can support you at this time.