He calls out to you
Your life can be true

Stand upon this earth
Walk steadily to His hearth

Wipe away your salty tear
His love removes all fear

God is love of life
Your life is His strife

Open your tired beating heart
Feel it become the glorious part


Come and listen to the parable
Open your mind it is able

Small like mustard, plant the seed
Jesus speaks true, yes indeed

Kingdom of heaven, like a tree
Birds perch high, can you see

Kingdom of heaven, like mixed yeast
It won’t shrink, not the least

The great prophet told the crowd
Repeat His story tell it loud

The kingdom of heaven is free
Come perch in God’s great tree


Mary’s Martha’s brother lost
Dead four days

Resurrection and the life
“Listen” Jesus says

Never death, everlasting life
Sisters wept tear

Whoever believes and lives
Teacher is here

Said for people standing benefit
Jesus’ loud shout

God’s glory you will believe
LAZARUS come out


Standing in glory, standing in awe
What’s your story, what’s your flaw

Self-willed not, detest all hate
I talk a lot, I’m often late

Be not striker, be holy blameless
Be not brawler, God’s forgiven mess

Change I can, don’t dare flee
It’s God’s plan, please change me


Salt of the earth
Light of the world

Salt of the earth
City on a hill

Salt of the earth
Let your light shine

Salt of the earth
Glorify father in heaven

Salt of the earth
Light on the stand

Salt of the earth
Ye are the salt

Salt of the earth
Preserve God’s savor



Word doers
Wisdom lackers
Temptation endurers
Light crowners
Arsenal servants
Faith rejoicers
God prasiers
Amen prayers