Meister Eckhart


Dear Meister Eckhart,

Your inspiration lifts life six inches off the ground. You are a tender doula and a master dance instructor. I live in your light and yearn to birth the spirit into my life as you so eloquently describe in your life’s works. I feel so loved when I soak in the presence of the divine feminine;
     that courageous and enduring strength to bear what can appear to be the worst
     and emerges into an exciting manifestation of a new way of being.
Your ability to peer into the depths of the wisdom literature and draw out a relationship that is as deeply nurturing as a mother’s breast, brings me to peace and joyful hope.

Thanks to you, I am learning to dance with the apophatic and catophatic.
     It is a rumba of love in motion that flows effortlessly.
          I pray God to rid me of God and I pray God to fill me.
     It is a dance of action through non-action full of awe that is the beginning of wisdom.

Meister Eckhart you are my Guru, teaching me the way—the dance—from darkness to light,
showing me how to let go of denial, self-hatred, and fear, and how mysticism is my “Yes” to life.

You teach me how to dance six inches off the ground while still staying grounded in humility.
You have taught me the dance between the macrocosm (the whole universe) and the microcosm (the human heart).
     Both are part of the dance of the Cosmic and risen Christ,
          thus my human heart expands to include the whole universe
          and the cosmos becomes personalized and joyful within my heart.
Throughout the dance I smile and I sing because the outside becomes inside, inside becomes outside.

I love to be the dance.

It is the dance between the ‘Divine in all things’ and ‘all things in the Divine’ that is perhaps the most inspiring message that echoes from your work—your gifts—ah your beautiful gifts.

Although panentheism feels like truth to me, you have made it conspicuous and tangible.
     It has helped me to see life in all its fullness.
          I am learning to bear the dark, the pain, and the despair.
          I am learning to be patient in the dance,
          observe without judgment,
          and to partner with nature’s way to birth light, joy, and hope.

Oh how I love this, this is the dance of experiencing ‘IT’.

I must admit, whether it’s humility or disbelief, I do not feel that the spark of my soul is the spark that will raise the sparks hidden throughout the world.
     How can I elevate anyone to holiness by the power of my soul?

Meister Eckhart, please forgive my doubt. I continue to contemplate;
     prayerful that my grasp will loosen,
     opening myself further to the divine presence,
     patient that the One’s steadfast love will unfold before me.
May my spark be birthed from this intention?

Meister Eckhart, I am grateful for your inspiration because it strengthens me to trust the Spirit beyond my doubt, beyond my experience, and beyond my darkness.

During the past year I continue to find more peace in the mystery and the paradox of the ultimate Truth. Meister Eckhart’s lessons are real pearls for me. They are like returning home.
     A home that is the innermost part of the soul . . . where we can find God.

Eckhart teaches that when we find God there we realize that we are the creation and the creator of the entire cosmos;
     the ground of being,
     being is a circle of God,
     the soul is a circle of the world,
     humans are to be a circle filled with the spirit of the Lord,
     and the soul of a person is a temple.
It’s quite delightful to dance with Eckhart’s insight of interbeing and apophatic divinity. There is great comfort holding that that insight will rediscover the valuable jewels of Christian tradition.

The mystery and paradox isn’t always easy. There are times when I find myself wanting to be angry and frustrated, but more and more I am too busy loving the dance.
     How can anyone grasp the paradox of God is nothing,
          something, and the nameless nothingness?
     How did Meister Eckhart learn to teach it so beautifully?
     How did Meister Eckhart come to understand that
          God is in the soul with his nature, his being, and his Godhead,
          and yet he is not the soul;
          the reflection of the soul is God in God,
          and yet the soul is what it is?

Perhaps I shall take Eckhart’s advice and practice letting go of letting go…

Love Dance, Dance Love….Dance!