It is a source of true joy for me to accompany people on their journey to marriage.  Sometimes when people of mixed beliefs wish to marry, it can be difficult to truly fulfill a couple’s wishes for this most special event through the ceremonies associated with some traditions.

As a non-denominational minister and celebrant I am able to create with you a truly personalized and tailor-made wedding ceremony which is wholly authentic to your beliefs, wishes and highest intentions.

Together we can shape a beautiful and heartfelt expression of your love and commitment and that which you hold as sacred in your lives, yet which is also inclusive for your loved ones.

If you have spiritual traditions or religious roots these will be honored and woven into your ceremony. For those with no formal traditions, a ceremony can be created which speaks to and from your hearts.

As your appointed minister and celebrant I am available to you throughout your preparation, helping you to create your own very personal vows, and in the midst of all the busyness, to help you stay focused on what your marriage to one another is really all about.

Commitment Ceremonies

For many, a wedding as we understand it is not the natural destination of their unique relationship, yet they have a heartfelt desire to make a commitment to one another that can be held sacred and blessed, honored and recognized by those most precious in their lives.

I can help to bring this intention into a beautiful form by co-creating a truly personal and meaningful ceremony.

Vow Renewal

In time, couples can feel a deep desire to affirm the commitments already made to one another through their marriage vows. I can help you to create something beautiful and memorable to mark such an event.