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Meister Eckhart

  Dear Meister Eckhart, Your inspiration lifts life six inches off the ground. You are a tender doula and a master dance instructor. I live in your light and yearn to birth the spirit into my life as you so eloquently describe in your life’s works. I feel so loved …

Transcendent Gift

We are offered a gift that transcends raptures, believing, and afterlife. Moreover, the gift is an invitation to an extraordinary community here on earth; to participate with the divine–‘God without us will not as we without God cannot’–in the process of creation–‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ To have …

A Brief Description of Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence we use to create, discover, and encounter meaning, purpose, and values in our lives. Spiritual intelligence is supported by neuroscience and psychology; it is our unitive intelligence that helps us connect intellect, reasoning, decision making, problem solving, emotions, and relations in order to support our …