11 Common-Core Questions from Marion Brady

I’ve eleven questions:

Am I alone in my opinion that the Common Core Standards push us away from
instruction designed to capitalize on individual differences? that they
reinforce and perpetuate our failure to accept and capitalize on the
integrated nature of knowledge? that they lock in place a curriculum closed
to knowledge lying outside the boundaries of the core subjects? that they
improperly attach to those subjects rather than identifying the qualities of
mind we want study to develop? that our inability to predict the future
makes it impossible to determine appropriate content standards? that the
CCSS narrow the focus of innovation to that which lies within core
curriculum boundaries? that as written they reflect particular schools of
thought within the various disciplines to the exclusion of other schools of

If I’m alone in assuming these are problems, why aren’t the errors in my
thinking being pointed out?

If I’m not alone, why is no one joining me in pushing these accusations
against the CCSS, demanding that the Council of Chief State School Officers,
the National Governors Association, the Gates, Broad, and Walton
Foundations, Achieve and other astroturf “think tanks,” pro-Standards
editorial boards of academic journals, big-name educators, and other
high-profile fans of the Standards, respond to them?

If they can, should they not, in the interest of institutional health, do

If they can’t, shouldn’t their inability or unwillingness to do so be
exposed to the public?

I see us trying to nibble unacceptable policies to death, and it’s not
working. Any ONE of the questions in my first paragraph, inadequately
answered, is reason enough to kill the CCSS.

— Marion Brady

February 27, 2013